A couple of photos

We went to the Salmonier Nature Park on Sunday, under the principal that if a family is going to be sick and miserable, they may as well do it outside. (John drove, which might give you an indication of how rotten I was feeling, as he hates to drive on the weekends and I love driving.) We had a pleasant time and made it home without bickering or tears or death.

There were quite a few animals missing or not out in their enclosures. The "missing" list included:

Interestingly enough, they had a pair of red foxes break into the enclosure during the winter and the park folks suspect they may be denned up in there somewhere with a litter.

As usual, we didn't see:

Due to the presence of a thunderous Katherine, we didn't see any snowshoe hare either. One of these days I'm going to go alone and first thing in the morning, just before feeding time. If I followed the food wardens around, I'm sure I'd get some better photos.
The woodchuck was a new addition. They're native to Labrador, but not to Newfoundland. Curious little things. Haven't seen any since I was in western Canada.


There were enough fiddleheads to satisfy even a New Brunswicker's appetite for the things, although we didn't pick any. The one above is almost finished unfurling, but there were plenty more that were still in the tasty stage.


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  1. Teri says:

    Be happy to send you a ‘chuck or twenty….destructive little blokes…..

    Love the photos tho….

    Hope your weather is better than Nova Scotia’s….my dad says it has been cool and rained every day since he arrived 5/25. It’s both an adjustment for him culturally and climatically after Palm Beach, FL.


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