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  1. rexton says:

    Beware what you wish for. Remember those who have been rolled into rugs and suffocated (I think I read something in the Arabian Nights about this). Also be careful of needles, tripping, scissors, and strange chemicals. 🙂

    I guess I’m a little paranoid, and I just saw the original Omen movie after about 25 years, which brought these things to mind. Still a pretty good movie, and I didn’t know Richard Donner directed it. I also saw a few characters in it from LadyHawke.

  2. rexton says:

    P.S. I also had a paper cut on my thumb from doing Librarything, which is affecting my typing. Finally, I almost dropped Essential Ellison on my big toe (it is over 1200 pages and is much more massive than my family’s bible).

  3. Scotty says:

    Be careful of accidental smotherings. I knew a friend of a friend of a friend who was accidentally smothered. She was short of breath for minutes and minutes after The Accident. Very alarming stuff…

  4. mac says:

    The article and comments make me glad I have no artistic skills at all, except for some amateurish hacking around on the computer. Nice site, I really like the header!

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