Realigning my stars

I recently took stock of my blog and realised that I am really running at least two blogs. The first are my basic "what's going on in my life" writings and the other musings seem to be focused on my work. I could probably create a photoblog as well, but I'm not there yet!
Now personally, I don't separate the various components of my life. What goes on in my personal life is so closely interwoven with my work that I have a hard job distinguishing sometimes, especially since I work in the same place in which I live and am often doing three unrelated things at once. I can understand, though, that not all of you will want to read about my precocious toddler or revel in my photographic journeys. I can equally see that the technical aspects of my work might bore many of you to tears. I have, therefore, come up with a plan.

This will continue to be my main blog and will centre my writings. Work and artistic-related writings will appear on the Seastrands blog that I've created and am busily honing. When an entry is posted to Seastrands, I'll make a note of it here and link to it. Feel free to visit both or either (or neither), as you choose.

Hope this solves any frustrations that may have arisen on the part of some readers!


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  1. r.e.wolf says:

    I’ll be reading both – 🙂

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