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I’ve started a Newfoundland Gardening blog, which I’m hoping will attract a few members and posters who are interested in sharing their tribulations, victories, accomplishments and ideas about gardening in Newfoundland and Labrador. Anyone interested in being a part of it is welcome. Link suggestions also welcome!


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  1. Melvyn Carter says:

    Your garden Blog fills me with great interest and I shall be reading it closely. I have just purchased a new house that backs onto Mundy Pond, St John’s and a the moment my garden is turfed grass, something I hope to change over the coming time. I have absolutley no real experience in landscaping or gardening and was surfing the net for hints and ideas on what to do. I have a vague idea of basically what I want e.g. where I want the flagged patio, and footpath etc, but have absoultely no idea of what to plant and where to plant it. I want a small greenhouse too as I shall be retiring in the not too distant future, and I cannot think of a better hobby to have.
    I’m afraid I have no tribulations victories or accompishments to post yet, but I hope this blog gets plenty of readers with ideas, so I may be smiling with flowers soon.

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