Cool Flickr toy

FD has a page full of cool Flickr toys, amongst which can this neat little Flickr toy called the “Profile Widget”. You can see what it does below. Photos can be most recent, most interesting or random selections from interesting or recent shots. The resultant badge can be vertical, compact or horizontal.

Note to WordPress users: the code can be pasted into a sidebar text widget. You can select for random interesting photos, rather than showing only your most recent shots. It’ll update every hour. As you can see to the right, I’ve changed mine.

Really great job, FD! Could you make one without the circles, for those of us whose blogs won’t permit the Flickr badge?
VickyTH. Get yours at


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  1. ruth says:

    I’ve just uploaded the Flickr Toy on my blog, thanks very much for the tip! Enjoying your blog too : )

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