Treasure Hunt


Following a random chain of blogs today, I ended up at Off the Cuff, a section of the blog Miss Vicky’s Offhand Remarks. This blog is a compilation of the writings of a Vicky Smallman, a west Ottawa resident with a strong interest in her community, social activism and good food (the Tuna Casserole recipe notwithstanding). For residents of west Ottawa, her blog must be a veritable font of information, as she keeps a finger firmly on the multicultural and extremely active spirit of her neighbourhood. What I found cool, though, was an idea to which she had a link; The Urban Treasure Hunt.

What a cool concept! Now, I no longer live in an “urban” area, “urban” implying being within a large city, but even a community treasure hunt sounds like a fabulous idea to me. So I am proposing a Community Treasure Hunt for the St. John’s and surrounding areas. I’ve set up a Flickr Group for the purpose and ask that contributors tag their photos with a googlemap tag. Ultimately, we should be creating a map of hidden places and features in the St. John’s area. When it gets substantial enough, I’ll post a link to the map on this blog….


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  1. Doug says:

    The original idea seemed to be about things that should be valued and preserved. Would this be the theme of your group as well? If so, what a wonderful idea.

  2. Rj says:

    Very nice idea. I look forward to it and will participate… when, of course, I’m back in the St. John’s area!

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