Referrer – The Fresh Loaf

One of my daily routines is to scan through my blog stats and referrers for any patterns or indications that traffic is headed my way via someone else’s referral.Yesterday’s banana bread post ended up getting linked by a fabulous site called The Fresh Loaf. I say fabulous, because I spent more spare time than I had yesterday (a whole ten minutes – sheesh!) perusing recipes and getting some ideas.

If you like bread, enjoy the craft of making good bread, interesting bread or really weird bread, this is the place for you. Definitely a site worth revisiting (again and again).

I’m thinking that the sun-dried tomato bread rolls, combined with a couscous salad and souvlaki chicken may be on the menu for this weekend. And I just might make challah this afternoon. Haven’t made it in years…

Image credit:
Still life with Fresh Bread – Image courtesy of Floydm, The Fresh Loaf
They have a bread photo contest on now, btw, for those so inclined.


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