Dryer sheets – texture for textiles!

I just finished the binding on “Cumbria”, below. The picture isn’t quite squared, as I was trying to finish up before the toddler woke up, but you get the idea.


The rocks were giving me a small bit of grief, because I just couldn’t get the effect for which I was looking. Then I remembered the stack of used dryer sheets that a friend had saved for me (she knows better than to ask why I need things like used dryer sheets, meat trays and old tissue paper these days). I painted the sheets with acrylic-based fabric paints and left them to dry. In fact, I let them cure for about a week, as I couldn’t heat them hot enough or for long enough to really set the paint (they melt, btw. Guess how I found out?). Then I pinned them in place and stitched over them. They worked like a dream and I got just the effect I wanted. Plus they don’t fray and, being used, have a crinkled and holey feel. Just the ticket for some old rocks…

Cumbria detail - large stone

… and a rock wall:

Cumbria detail - wall

Other folks have found them useful, too. On quick surf, I found a piece by Arlee Barr and some samples by Pamela Kellogg using this same technique.

One last detail shot, showing the stitching on other stones, used to give life, movement and shading:

cumbria detail stitching

Now off to work again!


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  1. arlee says:

    Aren’t the dryer sheets the coolest thing yet??? Ya can get all the expensive gadgets and foofarah, but gimme plain old recycling and new uses for an everyday product and WHAM–instant gratification! The rocks look fabulous and in real world viewing i betcha are gonna draw a lot of people to comment on your use of texture :}

  2. Maureen says:

    I’m learning so much by visits to your blog(s).all I have to do is find Time to try out your methods and hope a tad of your talents rubs off onto me.
    Thanks for sharing

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