Sidetracked. Feedback, please!

Okay, I’ve just about got everything ready for the show. Only one piece still being quilted and another that I can do if time allows. So I’m in good shape, despite having been virtually comatose yesterday with a horrid cold. A pox on the generous soul who gave it to me.

As is usually the way when you’re incredibly busy, sick or away from the studio, inspiration stuck me two nights ago. I had casually thrown down on the design table a couple of pieces of fabric that I wanted to make into something but had not yet blossomed fully into an idea. As the pieces fell, they landed somewhat side-by-side and near yet another piece in the same state (uncommitted to a particular project). I rearranged them slightly and they looked more or less like this:

three panels

To me, this bespeaks the passing of a day into night over the same stretch of ocean. The two left panels are painted cottons (with some small quantity of pearl paint for a bit of sheen) and the right panel is painted silks with the same sort of glistening texture.

I’ve been mulling over a way to include a few lower-price pieces in the show that still personify my work and aren’t slip-shod. If these were quilted up rather simply, in a way that accentuated the sea-sky combination, they could be hung as a set (like a three-paned window) and sold individually. Each measures 14″ x 24″.

Or I could shelve them and keep waiting for inspiration to hit them. Any thoughts?


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  1. r.e.wolf says:

    How much do you risk over-taxing yourself to get them done? Because then it wouldn’t be worth it. It’s not as if this show will be your last show or your last chance to sell anything.

    That said, I think inspiration has hit them already! I immediately saw the “day into night” image in them, yet they can also stand alone. The “night” one is especially fascinating – I like it a lot!

  2. amyps says:

    If you have the time to do it right, it would be nice & welcome to have “reasonably” priced items available to sell as well. But if you are short on time (aren’t we all, but you know what I mean) – don’t stress over it…

  3. I think that having some things which are more ‘accessibly priced’, shall we say, is always a good idea, if you can manage it. That said, most artists I know try to have some things around the £10 mark (sorry, I’m in England, so it’s probably $15-20 that I mean really) just to tempt non-art buyers to dip a toe into the water, so to speak. These panels would obviously be much more than that! But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. My favourite is the middle one. I’d love to see them done. I’m thinking Vincent-style swirls machined in the sky if that’s not too much of a cliche, with some beads for even more sparkle. As you asked for feedback. I’ll shut up now.

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