Making progress

detail shot foundations closer 2

I have learned, through trial and grievous error, that it is a mistake to attempt critical or integral portions of work while really ill. It is also a mistake to do any work that might seriously injure you (i.e. using chemicals or blades) while sick. So for the past several days, I’ve really not accomplished much creatively, which is a nuisance.

detail shot foundations

Last night, though, I was actually feeling semi-human and able to complete the ante-penultimate step of this large piece; the wisps around the pillars. All that is left to do now is stitch a few spots in the sky and slap on the binding and hanging sleeves. This piece is large enough that it’ll need a second hanging sleeve about midway down to disperse the weight.

If I’m lucky, that might just happen today. Not that I’m counting chickens or any such thing…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Live feathery chickens or dead ones?

  2. VickyTH says:

    The way I’m still feeling, they’d taste the same.

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