Gallery photography – a great idea

Sidenote: my machine is at the shop, awaiting prognosis. In the interim, I’ve borrowed a machine as good as my own from a friend, which should help get me through the next few days.

On to the main post.

One of the things that the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador does for each show staged in the gallery is have the show photographed. They pay a professional photographer with experience in shooting art and craft works (Eric Walsh of Ragged Harbour Photography and Design) to record each show for the council’s records and they maintain a slide and digital archive of all shows put off by the gallery. The cost of the photographer is worked into the cost of the show and therefore into the grant proposals that go into setting up the show.

A recent addition to their routine is that they offer artists the opportunity to purchase copies of the shots taken for a nominal fee. Since the photographer is getting paid by the gallery anyway, the cost of these photos for artists really is minimal ($25 per piece).

For this price, I get a properly-lit, lined-up, and focussed shot that is colour-corrected, if necessary, to print standards. I get an image that is sized and formatted for web use and another that is set for print and portfolio purposes. I also get unlimited permission to use these photos on my website, in promotional material, for printing out posters or greeting cards or any other purpose that might tickle my fancy, as long as I credit the photographer.

It’s a good deal all round.


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