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  1. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh!

    (help any?)

    commiserations. Hope you can borrow one.

  2. deb says:

    focus on the word “finishing” and “last” – it could have been starting and first.

  3. ohh no!! Endless sympathy and fruitless wishing that I could lend you one… yikes. Yikesyikesyikes. Hope it works out ok in the end. Let us know; I’ll be on tenterhooks until I hear all is well.

    Off to look up what a tenterhook is.

  4. VickyTH says:

    Managed, through the grace of a good friend, to borrow a machine that is the same make and sort as my own. In the meanwhile, Bernie is in the shop getting his guts overhauled.

    (His name is Bernie because he’s a Bernina. He’s a “he” because, well, um, because I spend an awful lot of time with him, handle him frequently and intimately and can abuse, swear at and otherwise vent my frustrations with and he keeps right on chugging along. Had I designated “him” as a “her”, “she” would have gotten huffy and sulked whenever I swore at a snapped thread or a broken needle. Men take abuse from women more than do other women, for some reason. Go figure. Anyway, here’s hoping he’s okay…)

  5. arlee says:

    Oh noes! Thank god for sympathetic empathetic friends! Luck with the show too!

  6. mary hood says:

    What about Mom???? Where do I come in???

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