Diminishing pandemonium

Now that the Craft Fair is over and done with, the show is down, shops are supplied for the holidays, proposals are in and the few sales and orders that needed completion are taken care of, the chaos is lessening somewhat around here. It’s rather a nice feeling to move through the morning at a reasonable pace, rather than tearing frantically through the studio while wired on equal amounts of adrenalin and coffee.

That said, I still have a few things on-going and a few deadlines in early January to meet. There’s also the Anna Templeton Centre Christmas sale and tea, which I may or may not be in as they haven’t figured out exact numbers yet. Studio Guide submission is set for December 15, so I have to get that all set up. As well, I’m still fighting the good fight in the Omnipresent Sewing Machine Battle. Kindly, Shelley (to whom I am now hopelessly in debt favour-wise) has lent me her Bernina for the next little while. This buys me a bit of time with which to make my decisions more carefully and also lets me know what the prognosis is on my current machine.

Meanwhile, it’s back to the drawing board. The “Celebrate Craft” show has the following qualifications and restrictions:

  • no dimension more than 36 inches
  • must be for sale
  • juried exhibit of 2-D and 3-D fine craft in any medium
  • presenting a broad and varied view of function, material, technique and aesthetic
  • reflections of personal stories and places that build a mosaic of Canada, Canadians and craft are encouraged
  • photos due Dec 8 for those outside the province, pieces due January 12 for those here
  • more info – contact Sharon Leriche (709) 753-2749 or email the Craft Council Gallery.

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