That’s my kid: a Katherine update

For Christmas, Katherine has asked for the following:

  • a candy cane
  • a new quilt for her bed made with fabrics that mommy paints
  • a new pair of slippers (she wants me to knit them for her)
  • ice skates
  • tinkertoys
  • play dough
  • some new books
  • a new train (specifically Gordon’s express coaches)

We really must be doing something right. None of the above make gratuitous noise and all are within reason.

When told that Santa Claus only brings one thing and asked which she would like, she narrowed it down to a candy cane or new slippers.

She also wrote her first letter to Santa the other day and it had real words in it, printed painstakingly on construction paper. Some of the words were even legible. She also drew a map for Santa, so he’ll have no excuse to miss this house.

So for family and friends searching for ideas, trust me, she’ll be happy with anything as long as it’s wrapped and colourful. Her parents, on the other hand, would prefer that she receive non-electronic stuff. Clashing and bashing and normal play sounds I can handle, but electronic bleeping isn’t fun.  (P.S. many of the items on that list have been purchased by one person or another. If you’re concerned about overlap, drop me a line.)


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  1. SkylarKD says:

    What a great Christmas list!
    Hopefully we’ll be able to keep people from giving our baby too many noisy electronic toys. I’ve already vetoed Tickle Me Elmo, although I may have hurt Grandpa-to-be’s feelings in the process – oops.
    Must learn to be more diplomatic about my opinions…

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