A colourful addiction

Last night’s free-form low-water immersion foray was exhilarating and inspirational, not to mention relaxing. I’d had a rather long day and dyeing the bejeezus out of a pile of cotton was just the release I needed. This lot is on a Northcott silk cotton and was done without urea and with fairly concentrated dye mixtures. Very little water was used (2 cups hot water to roughly two teaspoons of dye, varying with colour) and the bleed time was about fifteen minutes. The set time with soda ash (here again, very little water was used) was an hour and all were washed in hot water with Synthropol afterwards. The fabric was prewashed, too. The Northcott is a beautiful fabric to dye with and handle. Each photo represents half of a strip, measuring at least 21″ x 60″. Some are 21″ x 90″.

Now to figure out what to do with it all…. Some of it will be for sale, some will be used for particular projects and other pieces are destined to be a part of the quilt Katherine asked for for Christmas. Which reminds me, I had better get started on that!

(clicking on any of the thumbnails will give you a larger view)

1a 1b 2a 2b

3a 3b 4a 4b

5a 5b 6a 6b

12b 10a 10b

11a 12a 9b 9a

7b 7a 8b 8a

a quickr pickr post


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  1. Karoda says:

    You’ve created wonderful visual tension in these pieces. They are beautiful.

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