Separation anxiety

Another jaywalker, in progress

I’ve been dithering lately on whether my wool and sock posts should be in my other blog, which is primarily dedicated to fibre arts. I’ve decided (after an incredible amount of waffling) that I’ll leave them here, unless they in some way become a part of my work.

This decision is a double-edged relief, in fact, as it serves to refine the scope of my other blog to be exclusively work-related. My “hobby” or pastime of knitting and playing with yarn can remain a hobby and my work can stay quite comfortably separate, sans dithering or waffling.

It possibly sounds silly to many of you, but when your job grows naturally out of your pastimes, the lines get blurrier and blurrier and at some point you find yourself working round the clock, without even thinking about it. Then you wonder why, exactly, you feel burnt out and why you aren’t interested in either your job or your hobby any more.

So there will be the odd bit of knitting-related stuff here. There’ll be other stuff, of course, so if knitting doesn’t turn your crank, don’t leave! Just skip those bits. It’s all a part of my plan to be a more multi-faceted person (note: not “well-rounded”. I’m trying to be less of that.)

If it becomes a part of my work (which it might, if the wool dyeing experiments work), I’ll move it all over and get a new hobby


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