Spinning out of control

I think I might be losing my mind. I’m certainly losing time, only an hour of which I can blame on Dubyah.

Yesterday I turned the blue and pink of this:

Felting stuff

Into this:

fine spun 2

fine spun

It’s a single-ply, rather lightweight wool. I made it from the stuff I bought for needle felting. I discovered this winter that I don’t actually like needle felting, and so was stuck with a felting tool (Ashford brand) and the wool bits I’d bought. Luckily, the wool spins well. The barbed needles and holder are small enough to store against the eventuality that I discover a passion for needle felting deeper than the surface one that vanished rather quickly soon after the initial purchase. Luckily I didn’t waste my money on one of those multi-hundred dollar felting machines that everyone was raving about recently. I’m sure some people enjoy them, but for me they would have been superfluous.

Anyway, here’s a better shot of my earlier wool. You can see the colours and texture better here.

Better picture

It's dry and ready for knitting.

Now I really have to get my mind back on work. Really. Work. Focus power. Remember balance. Make good fight.

In other (family-related) news, the webcams that John’s dad ordered arrived and I’ve installed ours. We’re set up through Yahoo right now (username: vtaylorhood), but that may change depending on how satisfactory it seems. Must give it a whirl tonight when John gets home. Heather, yours is here, too. Will get it to you asap.

a quickr pickr post


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  1. I may have to start calling you Jenny.

    Webcams? Eek. Must brush childrens’ hair.

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