Today’s very odd playlist


On the mp3 player today….

  1. The Pogues – Fairy Tale of New York
  2. Five For Fighting – 100 Years
  3. Jann Arden – Good Mother
  4. Gordon Lightfoot – Wherefore and Why
  5. The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
  6. Chris de Burg – I’m Going Home
  7. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
  8. Wet, wet, wet – Love is all around
  9. Suzanne Vegas – Luka
  10. Annie Haslam – Moonlight Shadow
  11. Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage
  12. Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellas – Saltwater Joys
  13. Stan Rogers – Mary Ellen Carter
  14. Rush – The Pass
  15. Rawlins Cross – The Wedding Gift
  16. Stan Rogers – Witch of the Westmorland

That’s just the short list by which I’ll be working over the next hour or so; a motley assortment picked completely by intuition from my collection. In retrospect, the only one that doesn’t fit in my mind is the Rush song, but I’m too lazy to edit it out. I just skip it when I get to it. The ones most in tune with my mindset today are the Rawlins Cross, Stan Rogers and Buddy Wasisname songs. I guess I’m in a home-like, peaceful mood….. how odd.


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