Old photos of Exploits

I spent some time recently digging through some old photos of Exploits that Grandma collected over the years and that I later scanned from prints. Some were taken by her, some by her son (my uncle, Peter M. Ball). Exactly who took which is a subject that only Peter could truly verify for us. I suspect that most of them are his. The two I know for fairly certain that Grandma took (with a twin lens reflex Lubitel) are noted accordingly.

Peter was (and is) a tremendously talented photographer and his work is a treat to peruse. I only wish I could see more of it regularly.

So without further ado, I hereby blog a bunch of old Exploits photos for the half-dozen or so searchers that I get weekly who are, like me, lovers of these beautiful and hidden island treasures. I hadn’t realised there were so many of you out there. Enjoy….

The aspen grove, near Ball Point. This one was taken by my grandmother, Jean M. Ball in the mid 1970s with a twin-lens Lubitel camera (according to a conversation I had with her when she gave me said camera). Grand little camera, actually. Takes 120mm films and wonderful black & white shots. I still have (and occasionally use) it.

richard & lydia
Looking across the harbour. Richard and Lydia Wells in their skiff. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. Probably one of Peter’s shots.

squires house
This house was one of two houses built on the Purchase property. It was the home of Norman Purchase and was later purchased by Gerry Squires. We live next door, in the other of the two houses. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. It’s now painted white with red trim and is owned by the Cuff Family.

exploits purchase
What our house and property in Squid Cove looked like soon after Grandma bought it. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. The main house is in the centre. The old boatshed/workshop stands on the shore to the left and the wood shed is the upper-most right-hand building. The old boatshed is gone now, and a newer one stands slightly to the left of the original.

Grandma and one of the many cats of Exploits. Taken in the mid 1970s, probably by Uncle Peter. There are still cats, gone wild, living in the woods down there.


The breakwater, in Lower Harbour. Taken in the mid 1970s, probably by Uncle Peter. It hasn’t changed substantially in all the time I’ve known it (30 years).

budgell house
Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s.

Gus Jeffries, hauling wharf timbers with Dyer’s horse, Babe. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. Gus was a marvellous fellow. I remember going out in the boat to get chunks of growler ice with him and Dad. His wife, Ruby, used to waylay children on the path and feed them cookies and candy. Gus was the lighthouse keeper for many years.

grandma in morning

Taken in the mid 1970s, probably by Uncle Peter.

Grandma always got up early at Exploits, lit the fire, made tea, toast and a soft-boiled egg and had an orange. Every morning. And no one was allowed to bother her while she ate/woke up on pain of instant death. I didn’t understand it then, but I do now…..

This is how she looked when I crept down the stairs early in the morning and peeked round the corner. I wonder if she knew it was being taken?

The old boatshed. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. Probably Peter’s work.
upper harbour
Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s. Probably Peter’s work. Upper Harbour entrance, with the government wharf across the harbour.

Tamar Dart’s parents’ house, later owned by Kitty and Dyer Drake, who lived there during the 70s. Tamar Dart was my Great-great Grandmother (there might be more greats in there – I’ll have to check). Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, early 1970s (probably Peter). My sister is named after Tamar Dart, who is buried in the island cemetery. My ancestor, that is. Not my sister. She’s still alive and well.

bergs in squid cove
This one was one of the two that Grandma told me had been taken with the Lubitel camera. It’s one of my favourite photos of Exploits.

lower harbour
Lower Harbour in spring. Taken by either Grandma or Uncle Peter, mid 1970s (probably Peter). You can see one of the cemeteries to the right. This is the one in which John Peyton is buried. It’s easy to see how ice can move a wharf when you look at this shot, though.

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  1. sarai. says:

    Those are fascinating pictures, Vicky. Thanks for sharing them. There is much “scope for imagination” there.

  2. valerie fast says:

    Fanstatic pics, my mother grew up on the island leaving when she was about 15 years old. Her sister is Lydia Budgell one of many,many children. I think my grandfather was married 3 times and fathered 18-20 children. They all were resettled form Exploits in 1976 accept my Aunt Lydia she stayed there all her life. I recently was in Newfoundland and meet with my uncle Gilbert Budgell who has a huge summer home on Exploits Island. I will be returning home for a visit in July & he will be taking my girls and I to the island .I will take many pictures and try and compare them with the ones you took to see the comparison form back then to now. You should let me know of your family members that lived there & I can ask Rich or Aunt Lydia. They are a wealth of info. Hope to hear from you!
    Valerie Fast
    Chilliwack, B.C.

    1. joan says:

      My grandmother was Minnie Dart who grew up on Exploits Island. She married a Ewing from Alberta. She died in 1956 and I was born the next year. I have been to Exploits as a young teenager. Minnie had two children, Elgin and Lulu Grace. Elgin died in Jan 2010 and Grace is 89.
      Any comments?!!

      1. Donna says:

        Hi Joan.
        My grandmother was Janet Dart, Minnie’s sister. She married Fedrick Horwood.
        at Exploits.My Father was Claude. Often heard my father talk about aunt Minnie.
        Would love to hear from you.

      2. Annie (Marilyn) Kruger says:

        Hi Joan,my grandmother was Annie Dart,sister to Minnie Dart.My mother,Clara Lear would correspond with Grace Hartman.I am happy she is still alive.I kept in contact with her since my Mom died in 2006,but I haven’t heard from her in a few years or so.She had written to me that Elgin had altzeimers and was in a nursing home.I was born in 1954 and called after my grandmother Annie.
        Would love to keep in touch.You also have a sister??Jean?? My aunt Muriel is still living,but is residing in a nursing home and has dimentia;which my Mom had as well.

      3. joan skiba says:

        hi Donna and Annie! I have just now found your replies, wow! Mom, Grace is now 92 and doing not terribly bad for her age. Elgin’s wife is also 92 and quite chipper! Yes my sister is Jean. Did we meet Claude? Mom does not write letters now and does not hear well on the phone. Husband and i may get to NFLD in October. Where do you live now? joan

    2. kayla says:

      Hey valerie…
      By any chance is your mom burtha??? if so she’s my great aunt Margaret – Budgell- Cramm is my grandmother

  3. Peter says:

    Your Spring in Lower Harbour, seems to feature Oliver Green’s House?

    When you mention Tamar, I presume you refer to William Ball’s Wife? Tamar being the Daughter of Robert Dart & Elizabeth Manuel.

    Great Photos

    1. Debbie LeBlanc says:

      Hi Peter, I’m a great great grandaughter of Tamar and William. Have you had much luck tracing the family? If you could pass on any info I’d appreciate it.

      The pictures on this site are amazing!!

  4. Amalie Tuffin says:

    Please pass my email address on to Valerie Fast. Lydia Budgell was a distant cousin of mine and I have a fair amount of information about the family if Valerie is interested. Thanks!

    Amalie Tuffin

  5. Paul Manuel says:

    Never been a blog reader until now. You’ve changed all that with your writings and images.

    1. Barbara Cormier says:

      Paul are you related to Benjamin Eli Manuel-?Married Mary Mieusseau(various spellings of that name)-
      He was my great Grand Father-Sarah Manuel was my grandmother-?Barbara Cormier

  6. Audrey Freeman says:

    Just love the old pictures of Exploits.
    I have been visiting the islands almost yearly since 1969.
    My husbands family was originally from there and lived across the harbour from your house in Butt’s Cove.Years ago we built a small cabin in the cove,but this past year we also bought one of the remaining old houses left for sale down there.
    Our family is grown and we certainly needed a larger place for everyone to visit.
    We currently live in Ontario,but are hoping to retire back on the rock in a couple of years and our wish is to spend most of our summers down on the islands.
    I cannot think of any place that restores your soul like that place does.
    Thank you again for posting those wonderful photos of days gone by.

  7. Bob Milley says:

    We have just begun to investigate Exploits Isaland from where many of my father’s family come. Your pictures are interesting.

  8. Shelley Winsor says:

    Thank you so much for posting these awesome pictures. Please post more if you have them!! My family is from there and my parents have built a cottage there for the summer months where the old Winsor red house used to be. If you have any pictures of the Winsor’s or the Manual’s….I would so love to see them!!

    1. steven tierney says:

      hello, My grandmother,vera ellen lilley will be 100 yrs old in nov. 2010.she had a lifelong friendship from childhood on exploits, then by mail for years.she always spoke of her friend mary winsor and that they were born the same day or very close to it.this could very be a long shot but it is interesting.she had been widowed twice,and her name at this time is vera gray.she left exploits around 1928.lives ,now in a nursing home in methuen ma.,but other than her sight she has her facuties.thank you for this venue. respectfully steven tierney

      1. Mabel Manuel(nee Lilly) says:

        Hello Steven,
        Just saw your message. I was a Lilly (Paul and Annie were my parents) who grew next door.
        to Uncle George and Aunt Mary Lilly
        .Vera Parents. I knew most of Vera’s family but not Vera but she was a great friend of my mothers. They kept in touch until my mother’s death in ’94. Mom lived to be 96. Glad to hear that Vera is doing well and still has her facuties.
        Now you have my e-mail and should you like to get in touch,it would be great to hear the latest from Vera.

    2. Calvin Perry says:

      My wife is Gloria Mercer, her mother was Nanetta Winsor so she is a distant cousin.

  9. Don Ball says:

    How does one get to Exploits Burnt Island area if one wishes to visit? Are there guided tours? My great grandfather William Ball was born there and I would like to go there sometime.

    Don (Ball)
    417 Vinyard
    Blacksburg VA, 24060

    540 953-2338

  10. Chris Jefferies says:

    Good to see a picture of my late uncle Gus Jefferies.
    I spent a lot of summer’s at Exploits with uncle gus and aunt ruby. Thanks for the memories!!!!

  11. Denise says:

    Hi, thank you for posting the photographs. Would anyone know if the Gillett(e) home is standing? James and his wife Elizabeth (Mahaney??) were living in Exploits in 1818, I’d like to find other descendants, thank you….

  12. David Manuel says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures! I’ve traced my family history back to Exploits, and it is so nice to see where they lived. I hope to someday soon visit… and if I’m lucky, perhaps retire and live out my remaining days walking in the steps of my family. If ANYONE has pictures of the Manuel family, houses, businesses, boats, etc… please feel free to e-mail me! dbmanueljr@yahoo.com

    Thank you again!!!

  13. Judy says:

    Thanks for the photos–I visited in 2005, and found it hauntingly beautiful. My grandfather grew up on the island, Norman Milley, son of Tamar Manuel and Simon Milley. would love to hear from any relations!

  14. Brian says:

    I haven’t made it up to Exploits yet, but I’m trying. Norman Milley was my great-grandfather.

  15. phil lew says:

    I chanced upon your page doing a search on Dyer Drake, who I knew in the sixties. I am trying to get in touch with him and fascinated that he and Kitty spent time in such an amazing place. Thanks for sharing the photos, Phil

  16. Velma Dalton Boudreau says:

    Wondering if you have any information on the Daltons who lived on Exploits Burnt Island in the late 1700s or early 1800s. I believe them to be related to my line of Daltons who settled in Little Catalina, trinity bay, Newfoundland. Prominent names in my family were George, Matthew james , Robert and John.
    Thanks, velma Dalton B

  17. Grer Rideout says:

    Hi :
    I purchased an old house in Lower Hr Burnt Is three years ago. The original owner was Matthew Dalton. Not sure if this is the Daltion you are referring to.

  18. Dora Cooper says:

    Great pictures! My grandparents were from Exploits Island (William Budgell & Martha Manuel). I visited there in the late 1990s – great place. It’s easy to see why people settled there. I have been tracing the family tree and would be interested in contacting anyone with more information about the Budgell family. PLease feel free to pass my email address on to anyone who may have information. I am willing to share all information I have with anyone interested.
    St. John’s, NL

    1. Milt Anstey says:

      Hi Dora:

      Would you be so kind as to contact me at mhagold6000@yahoo.ca.

      I would like to pose a couple of questions to you respecting William Budgell. He shows up in my family tree.


    2. Lou says:

      Hi Dora:

      My grandfather was Lewis Budgell. He was from Exploits andd moved to Norris Arm South. He had three children: Albert, Gordon and Lydia. I have very little info but would like to know if he was connected to your grandfather.

      1. Dora Cooper says:

        Your grandfather and mine were brothers. I knew Lewis’s son Gorden and his wife Clara well as they were cousins of my fathers. I do have some information if you’re interested.

  19. Nancy Manuel Rogers says:

    To David Manuel Jr. My grandparents are Henry James Manuel born in Catalina in 1881, and Abigail Rolls, born in Bonavista in 1884. Wish I knew who their parents were, and where they came from. I have heard the Manuels of mine came from Portugal. Hope to hear back from someone. Also my aunt Jessie Rolls lived in Bonavista all her life, I can’t remember her maiden name, but my dad Chester Thomas Manuel went to help her out in winter when things were bad for her, doing things at an old age. That was back in the 70’s. Love to hear from someone that knows something. I live in Maine, but was born in Massachusetts.

    Nancy Manuel Rogers

    1. Barbara McNamara Cormier says:

      I enjoyed the pictures-My gradmother was a Manuel-born in
      Channel,Nfld.Great gradfather was Benjamin Manuel born
      in Devon England and came to Newfoundland in the 1700’s-
      Grandmother Sarah Manuel was born hin Channel married Thomas
      I recall my mother telling me stories about the Manuel
      brothers who sailed from England.Benjamin is noted as
      one of the brothers.My family always wondered if the
      Manuels were Spanish or were from Portugal,I have a picture of
      Sarah and if you would like a copy I would be glad to send it
      to you-I look like her as does my grand daughter.We (as did my mother)had black hair-very dark eyes .Looked foreign to a lot
      of people.


  20. Elizabeth says:

    So pleased to have found your site. Fantastic pictures of such a beautiful area. Exploits was the birth place of my GG-grandmother, Tamar Manuel, daughter of Samuel Manuel who I believe is buried on the island. My husband and I have visted Twillingate for the past three summers and each time we have tried our best to find a way over to the island of Exploits with no luck to date.
    Thank you for providing me with a visual of such a magical place.


    1. Barbara (Ball/Manuel) Liotscos says:

      We went to Exploits 5 years ago, and I know someone who goes each year who I could put you in touch with if you are still looking for a way to go.

      1. Wm. Allan Downton says:


        My grt, grt, grt grandfather Edward Downton1797 – 1875 tombstone is there on Exploits and I would like to be able to find out how to get there to visit for the day or a couple of days if there were B&Bs on Exploits. If you have any info on travel to Exploits from Lewisporte I would appreciate it.


        Wm. Allan Downton (Grand Falls Nfd)
        Creston, BC

      2. VickyTH says:

        There is a fellow in Cottlesville, Lloyd Rideout, who operates a shuttle service back and forth ot the island in the spring through fall. He takes folks over and either drops them off for an extended stay or hangs around while they explore for a day. Cottlesville isn’t horribly far from Lewisport and Lloyd is a good fellow with a reliable boat (converted long-liner).
        Lloyd can be reached at (709) 629-3392.

  21. Joan Robinson says:

    How does one get to Exploits? My grandfather Raymond Manuel moved from there to Alberta with his mother and siblings in about 1920 after his father died. We hope to visit in June.


  22. Donald Milley says:

    The pictures are beautiful! I been to Exploits once with my family back in the late Seventies. I was really young, but I do remember my time there. My Great Grand Father Richard Ford Milley And Lucy Milley(Manuel) raised 13 children in a 2 story house Red with white trims. My Grand Father Arthur Milley raised his 2 children Albert and Vera Milley(Randall)until age of 9,in which they moved to Badger. The House still stands to this very day,but is in poor shape. I think Woolfry from Lewisporte,owns the house. I also remember that there was a wooden bridge that cut across the gorge with a fresh water fall close to the shore. I know because crossing it I dropped the buckets to get some water. My Grand Father was not happy,and had to go and retrieved them. LOL!

    Thank you for that trip down memory lane!

    Donald Milley (Toronto)

  23. Randy Dodge says:

    Hi. As I watched the CBC Land & Sea program on Exploits tonight, it brought back memories of when I visited there with your Uncle Peter and Donna back in the 80’s.

    I have one of Jean’s paintings, it’s the Exploit’s Iceberg.

    I enjoyed your site.

  24. valerieann says:


    I was thrilled to come across the fabulous photos of Exploits, whilst researching my family history.

    My dad’s family all came from there and I made my first visit there from the UK 17 years ago. (Actually my second, as the first time I was too young to remember).

    It was lovely to see the photo of Gus Jefferies. As soon as I saw it I thought ‘he is a Jefferies’. He was my dad’s eldest brother.

    My next visit I must see an iceberg, most important. Have plenty of pictures of them but never seen a real one. Maybe soon!

    Thank you for sharing the photos. I shall be searching for more!

    Valerie, East Yorkshire, England.

  25. Barbara (Ball/Manuel) Liotscos says:

    Great to see the photos! Thanks.

  26. steven tierney says:

    RE.vera ellen lilley (my grandmother,100 yrs on nov 6 2010) the names of lilley,sceviour, and miller all figure prominently in my grandmothers ancestry.she and her family lived on exploits,but the years i don’t have to much of to go by.she had siblings, gilbert,jane,george,arthur.i think i’m missing one.maybe gertrude.i’ll fill in later…

  27. Kristel Burt says:

    These pics are great. I was born and raised in Botwood, just across the harbour. I’ve been doing some research about Exploits. If anyone is interested, there is a great story about the island online. It’s on the Grand Banks Genealogy web site. It’s called The Boy from Exploits. It’s the story of professor Lacey and his family. His mother was a Manual. It’s a wounderful read.

    1. Val Armitage says:

      Hi, I looked for ‘The Boy from Exploits’ but could not find it. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place! I am visiting Newfoundland from the UK from Wednesday and hoping to visit Exploits whilst there. I would love to read the story.


  28. Kristel Burt says:

    The story of The Boy From Exploits is on the Newfoundland Grand Banks web site. Just Google it up and it should show. The story broke my heart. It’s an amazing example of the strength and faith of early Newfoundland families.

    1. Val Armitage says:

      I have spent the last hour searching for this story but still no joy. Is it on the Chebucto site? That is the site which comes up when I Google ‘Newfoundland Grand Banks. I found the story of ‘The Manuels of Exploits’, but I don’t think this is the story that is being referred to.

      Any help in finding this story would be greatly appreciated.
      Many thanks, Val

  29. Nancy says:

    Joseph Manuel and Elizabeth Milley are my great-great grandparents. I visted Exploits in 2000 with my mother and I loved it! We saw the house where my grandfather was born. He was the son of Percival Manuel and Luciana Evans. Thanks so much for these photos!

    1. Denise says:

      I am related to an Elizabeth Milley who came from England and married one of the Manuel brothers. I’m no sure how many greats back she is but my grandfather Chesley Milley was born in Exploits Harbor and moved to New England with his family (my father.) I know he came from a large family, many also moved to Massachusetts too. Would this be family you referred to in the blog? I’ve never been to Newfoundland; is Exploits an island?

  30. Julia Flynn says:

    Great pictures of exploits. My family has a lot of history on the island and are still going strong in Butts Cove!

    1. Verna Snow(Manuel) says:

      My Grandfather came from Exploits Island. My Great Grandfather was Samuel Manuel he was married to Jemina Purchase, not sure where she came from. My Grandfather moved to Norris Arm South. I hope someone can give me some information. I love to visit someday. The pictures are breathtaking.

  31. Verna Snow(Manuel) says:

    My Grandfather came from Exploits Island. My Great grandfather was Samuel Manuel married to Jemima Purchase, not sure where she was from. They moved to Norris Arm South. Maybe someone can give me some information. I Love to visit the Island. The pictures are breathtaking.

    1. VickyTH says:

      The Purchase family built the house we own. There were quite a few of them on the eastern island (Burnt Island). They are in this cemetery: http://ngb.chebucto.org/Cemetery/cem-exploits-isl-e-2-unk-tw.shtml

      I don’t know about Jemima, but there’s a Wilson Purchase in Embree who is a descendant of the Purchases of Squid Cove, Exploits who might have info for you.

      Wilson Purchase
      (709) 535-0974
      79 Main St., Embree, NL

  32. Barbara Hutchings Young says:

    Just reviewed the lovely photos of Exploits – I have been researching the Hutchings Sceviour line in Exploits, as my great grandfathers archival death records indicate he was born in Exploits and baptised in Twillingate. Would you have any knowledge of the Hutchings.

    1. Reviewed your lovely photos of Exploits. It appears that my great grandfather was born in Exploits (according to death records) His parents were James Hutchings and Elizabeth Sceviour. Would you have any information regarding this family.

      1. Thomas Fayfer says:

        Ms. Young, I have also been researching the Hutchings/Sceviour line. My great grandfather was George Hutchings, whom I have fairly recently found to be the son on James Hutchings and Elizabeth Sceviour. Getting past James has been difficult, other than the tantalizing reference to him in William Sceviour’s will and codicil. Have you found any other information?

      2. Barbara Young says:

        Thomas, if your greatgrandfather was George Hutchings, Who was your Grandparent(s)? I am the Granddaughter of his oldest son Alfred James born in Birchy Head, Bonne Bay. Is that your family? MY GEORGE married Sarah Ann Wight. Are we in the same family?

      3. thomhutch says:

        I don’t know whether this comment will ever reach you. But yes, we are related through George. I am interested in your reference to the baptismal record in Twillingate for, I assume, James. Would you be willing to share that information?

  33. Ruth J. Winsor says:

    Hi Vicky; It is so nice to see such high quality shots of Exploits. Especially since they were taken around the time we moved away. Home has been on my mind more then usual in the last few weeks, since Richard passed away.
    I spend hours designing my retirement cottage in Lower Harbour. I have to build it large enough to bring my loom. I won’t need electricity to weave and the activity will keep me warm in the fall.
    A couple of months ago I was admiring some beautiful handspun in the yarn shop on Bate’s Hill. I wasn’t at all surprised that it was your’s. Good Work! Ruth

  34. Lee says:

    Looking for history for my 9 year old boy’s power point to teach his grade four class about where he spends his summer’s with nan and pop. All the old pictures are good to see.

  35. Juliet says:

    Those are great pictures, I spend my summers on the island with my Nanny and Poppy, I enjoy every second there.

  36. Vicky,

    Thank you for this enchanting post and beautiful pictures of Exploit’s Island. I had the good fortune to know Uncle Gus & Ruby as a young gaffer beating around Lewisporte, and my family had further good fortune to somehow bestow their Exploit’s home where much remains intact.

    Uncle Gus was the finest of gentleman and I to was given candy and it was a big thing to go for a dart around the harbour in his putt putt! That boat was surely loud but it is a sound that is surely missed. And Aunt Ruby… no amount of gold on this earth could equate to the heart that woman had.

    I escaped from the smoke and mirrors of Toronto to spend some time with my family back in Exploit’s. It is Newfoundland’s best kept secret. But I am sure there are many of those back home.

    I saw your “about me” profile. If you sell textiles online, etc use Shopify. They have selling online made easy and awesome, and Daniel and gang are good Canadian guys out of Ottawa.

    Please keep posting any pictures, history, nostalgia, etc of Exploit’s or feel free to send them to me.

    Thank you again,

  37. karen says:

    Beautiful Pictures of the Exploits
    James HUTCHINGS was born in 1821 Exploits. He married Elizabeth. Sceviour
    Elizabeth was born in 1826 Exploits. .They may have had the following children: Charles b. Feb 27th,1842 , George b. Jan. 26th 1845 married Sarah Wight, Joshua b. Oct 18th 1847, Mary, Elizabeth, James etc . Any informaton on these familys would be greatly appreicated Thanks

    1. Barbara Young says:

      Karen, My great grandfather was George Hutchings, and for years we looked to Spaniards Bay, for his ancestors, until I located his death certificate, which indicated he was born in Exploits. Do you have any part of your tree completed? I have been trying to reconstruct this portion of the Hutchings branch for a few years, and a dead end at James, was he born in Exploits, or did he actually come from e.g, Spaniards Bay. If you have any leads it would be wonderful. My name is Barbara Hutchings Young (granddaughter of Alfred Hutchings – son of George) from Birchy Head, Bonne Bay, NL.

    2. Barbara Young says:

      Still searching for any material about George Hutchings parents – James Hutchings and Elizabeth Sceviour. Any one with any information?

    3. Gloria (Dawe) Bruce says:

      Hi Karen, do you know who Elizabeth Sceviour’s parents were?? I have a George Sceviour and Mary Dalton in my genealogy. I have not found their date of marriage but have a few children born to them in 1830″s. It’s possible that Elizabeth could have been on of theirs. The three that I have were named: Jane Hannah, William and George Jr. Any of this familiar. Gloria

  38. westerner54 says:

    These are fascinating. Glad I found your blog through your comment on mine. So interesting. Thanks!

  39. Shawn Lane says:

    Shawn Lane
    I spent every summer of my childhood on exploits ..and still spend several weeks each summer there .started to build A place there this past summer it’s gomma take A few years .of coarse we [ the lane family ]still have the old house.. the winsor /lane home.. apparently the oldest house left on the island or so I’m told. Can’t wait to get back this summer and get to work and work it is there.. as everything has to be bought in by hand ..
    Really like the pics. especially uncle Guss …
    Thank You

    1. VickyTH says:

      Hey Shawn,
      Which Winsor house? Devon House? Next to Guy Lane’s place?
      Yes, the work never ends at Exploits! I should be down for a month or more at various points during the summer. Swing by and say hi if you’re around! We’re the grey saltbox house, blue door. This one:


  40. LUELLA WARD says:


    1. Kathleen says:

      Kathleen Robbins (Manuel) I was not born in Exploits but my two sisters were. My parents were Madeline and Selby Manuel. We visted many summers and how I loved it there in the fifties when I was a child and teenanger. I still see the Moon shining on the beautiful harbor.

  41. tim miller. says:

    Great photos. I spent 2 summers there in 1967 and 1968, 2 of the best summers of my life.
    I also spent 1 week there in 1978. We were there with Robert Roy and my mother Jane Jersak.

  42. Nice pictures of Exploits! My dad’s name was Bramwell Jefferies– a brother to Gus, and my mother’s name was Daisy. We grew up in Lower Harbour– now living in Elmira, On.

  43. Barbara Young says:

    I refer to a message from ThomHutch, Oct 20, 2012 and also one from Karin – both making reference to James Hutchings and Elizabeth Sceviour. I am still trying to connect the roots of this James Hutchings, Maybe son of ONE JOSHUA HuTCHINGS, a very early reference in the Notre Dame Bay area or wonder if he migrated from the Spaniards Bay area. For ThomHutch – if you look at the Twllingate Methodist baptisms, you will find mention of George’s baptism. I located his death record in “The ROOMS” indicating that he was born in Exploits. Cannot locate a marriage reference for James and Elizabeth. Does ANYONE have any records from the Sceviours or Hutchings in this area? Barbara Young, Ottawa. My own grandfather was Alfred James Hutchings (George’s oldest son) and my own father was Lewis Hutchings son of Alfred Hutchings and Isabella Gilliam, Woody Point, Bonne Bay, although my family resided in Corner Brook.

    1. Thomas {Hutch} Fayfer says:

      Hi Barbara. It’s been a very long time since I accessed this site. Do you have a copy of William Sceiviour’s Will? It specifically references James Hutchings and William’s daughter “Elizabeth Hutchings” among others. Contact me if you wish Thosfayfer@gmail.com

    2. thomhutch says:

      Hello, Barbara. It’s been a long time since I accessed this site. Some years now. Do you have a copy of William Sceviour’s Will? In it he specifically references James Hutchings and “Elizabeth Hutchings” his daughter. I think I left you a message on your phone. You can contact me at thosfayfer@gmail.com

      1. Dwight Doane says:

        Interesting My great grandfather (adopted) was a Hutchen – strange thing is this is from my fathers side and my mothers side is from the island of exploits (Helen Leshane (fitzgerald – married name) daughter of Richard Leshane who moved to Cambridge MA . I have been trying to make certain connections but this may turn into a real twist.

  44. Dwight Doane says:

    This is so exciting for me to find. In my years of family research I have found this to be a curious yet dead end in my research. The family name is Leshane (Richard) who moved to Boston. I had met one person at a family reunion held by Harry Leshane (Williamstown MA) who had purchased some property (names and exact locations escaped my mind after all these years) . If anyone has some information they are willing to share I would appreciate it.

  45. Alexina Reid says:

    Just happened on your blog and really enjoy it. I’m researching the Langdon/Manuel/Carraway families from Exploits area. Thomas Langdon m. Tamar Manuel. Witness to the marriage was Samuel Manuel and Elenor Langdon. From the children’s marriages the following surnames; Locke, Carraway, Jefferies, Evans, Baker, Chinn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m going to be spending the month of June 2015 at Point Leamington, Nfld and hope to see as much of the area as possible!

  46. Calvin Perry says:

    Great Pictures. Trying to find the origin of Charles Perry of Exploits.

    1. Bob Chaulk says:

      Hi Calvin. Charles Perry was my great great great grandfather. Are you still looking for information about him?

      1. Calvin Perry says:

        Hi Bob – Yes I am still looking – my email is cgp1717@rogers.com

  47. Calvin Perry says:

    Hi Bob, I’m still looking for Charlie. Have you done any work/documentation on The Perry Family Tree? I visited Exploits for the first time a year ago (September 2015) on my vacation to NL. It’s my first time being there – an amazing place. There’s a cemetery there with a sign showing all the names that includes Charlie Perry. I’m hoping the mystery can be solved some day!!

  48. joan skiba says:

    Hello! My sister and I will be visiting NFLD and Exploits in first half of August 2018. Minnie Dart was our grandmother. We’d be happy to meet a relative or other!!
    joan skiba
    jean henderson
    text 403-318-1585

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