Not quite molten

The most recent pair of socks is still on the needles. Lava Flow (in pdf, by Sockbug) is a quick and easy pattern that I chose because I needed

  1. to try out my new Brittany birch knitting needles on a fine sock yarn and I’ve never really been able to conquer Confetti (until now).
  2. I have two pairs-worth of Confetti that needs conquering before I allow myself to move on to more alluring prospects like the Fleece Artist I was sent for my birthday.
  3. I like this yarn’s colours, but the striping in plain stockinette wasn’t working for me. It was boring. This pattern fixed that. (See? Dull, but nice colours.)
  4. Confetti, blue and burguny self-striping

  5. I needed something to knit while chatting and hanging out and this pattern was simple, yet attractive.

So Lava Flow is ongoing. Natasha casually mentioned that she couldn’t picture what it might look like, so for her I post the following pictures. This pattern is really all about the yarn, which is a nice change from a pattern that is all about the stitch.

The only change I made was in the heel. The pattern called for a short-row heel, which really didn’t look good in this yarn (probably for the same reason that the yarn in stockinette didn’t look good; wide stripes without interesting patterns). I changed it to a sl1, k1neel flap which blends nicely with the overall patterning.

lava flow 2

lava flow 1

In other news, I was looking up various things for this post and discovered that Wool trends has a new sock yarn in. So much for “no new wool…”

a quickr pickr post


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  1. sarai. says:

    Thank you Vicky! Now I can not only see the pattern, but why it might be called Lava Flow. Cool.

    That new yarn has some great looking colourways…

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