The Etsy Store, she is up and running!

Whew! Nice to have the first batch of product up and available! I’m using this initial batch as a test, both for the venue and for the product itself. Anyone purchasing locally (within the greater St. John’s area) will be refunded their shipping costs and, for a limited time, get free delivery!

Have a look:

Click this picture to go to my Etsy Store!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. crys says:

    Must I beg for spunstuff? Oh, my heart flies at the colours, like a fly bashes against the inside of a jar. 😉 Nicely done. Love the store!

    1. VickyTH says:

      Patience, grasshopper! The spinning is on-going and some is hanging to dry and set the twist even as we type….

      1. crys says:

        I’ll be back. I am going to use the google to find ‘dry time spinning’…

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