Spin, span, spun

490yds sport-weight Shetland Wool, 2 ply

I just have a few pictures for you to start out the day. I have a report to finish up, some revisions on a document to work through and a tonne of actual production and design work to get cracking with, so I’d best get to it.

Here’s some Shetland wool that I dyed in autumn colours and spun up for a particular project that I’m working on.


Shetland wool, 8 oz

And here are the final results of my first drum carder experiments. The batts came out beautifully and spun up perfectly! This drum carder has sped up my ability to use raw fleece by an unbelievable amount.

Blended batt of: 15g white mohair, 8.5g kid mohair, 27g alpaca, 35g cheviot wool
Cheviot/alpaca blend - 1st attempt at blending with carder.

Now I’m off to grab another cup of coffee and take another kick at the design wall…. possibly literally, depending on how the morning goes!


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