It’s Monday

Studio Tour
Stained Glass Window at Nicola Hawkin's house in Admiral's Cove. Taken on teh Studio Tour for the 2011 Craft Council of Newfoundland AGM.

We had our Craft Council Annual General Meeting over the weekend and I’m just plain tired. Today is a day for puttering around the house, doing a myriad of odd jobs and playing a bit with some new ideas in the studio.

It’s also Monday, with a capital “M”.

I was cutting a piece of broken siding to cover the hole above the greenhouse door (the new door is shorter than the doorway created for the old door).

Needed a heavy-weight craft knife.

None of the right heft to be found in the house or workshop.

Went to the greenhouse where I knew one was.

Found it.

It started pouring, so I thought, “Since I’m here, I should plant some of these tomatoes.”

Planted tomatoes. Planted basil.

Realised greenhouse was bone-dry, but the soaker hose was in place to water everything.

Connected soaker hose to main hose.

Ran up to house to turn on.

Ran back to make sure it worked okay.

Rearranged a little.

Was soaking wet by this time so I thought I might as well haul a bale of peat down and open it, to let the rain wet it down.

Hauled peat. Opened it. Winds gusted. Peat dust blew everywhere, including all over me. I was wet. It stuck.

Decided that I needed to sprinkle a bit of water just to hold it down while the rain did the rest.

Unhooked soaker hose.

Got sprayed in face.

Wet down peat.

Reattached soaker hose.

Got sprayed in face. Resolved to buy a hose-end shut-off valve this evening.

Closed up greenhouse.

Went back to house in torrential rain.

Left craft knife in greenhouse.

How’s your Monday?


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