Test post: Getting excited

Our House on Exploits

Can’t wait to get down to Exploits Islands this year……

Not long now!


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  1. Val Armitage says:

    Hope you will post more photos of Exploits for one at the other side of the Atlantic who does not see enough of the beautiful island!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I love looking at your photos of Exploits. Our family frequents the cabin to the left of yours- my grandfather was Stephen Newman. It’s so nice to see pics of Squid Cove! Perhaps someday we will be there at the same time- I will be sure to introduce myself to you “my Exploits neighbours”!

    1. VickyTH says:

      Hi Stephanie! Do you still own that house? I thought I spotted it for sale recently. Or maybe we’re talking about different houses. Are you the folks with the wharf at the base of Stride’s Point, or are you the folks who own the little brown and white cabin just over from ours? We always refer to that cabin as the “Newman Property”, but so rarely see anyone there when we’re down. We were hoping to get in touch with whoever owns it, just to be neighbourly. I’ll be down again from August 20-27. Drop by if you can!

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