Craft of the Day: Cara’s Joy in the Annual Members Exhibit

A series of three pieces entitled “If I Open My Eyes,” by Cara’s Joy (blog link – worth a regular read!) are the Craft of the Day for Canada Day 2011. If it’s colour and a boundless zest for life, laughter and seeing the vibrancy in the world around us that turns your crank, these sculptures are something you must needs visit in person!

Cara’s Joy (Crafts of Character Link) is comprised of the twin talents of Cara Kansala and Pam Dorey, a fabulous couple whose works demonstrate whimsical and uncannily apt depictions of Newfoundland life, history and landscape. Travellers often stop by their studio and rave about the visit!

In So Deep
In So Deep (45" x 9" x 17"), $1875
Details, "In So Deep"

The works are mixed media pieces, finely detailed and beautifully finished.

Come Back to Me
Come Back to Me, My Love (60" x 15" x 52") $1975
Come Sail Away (33" x 13" x 14") SOLD
Detail, "Come Sail Away"

Here’s what Pam and Cara say about these works of theirs:

Click to make this big enough to read!!

Drop down to the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador Gallery and check out these works and many others in the Annual Members Exhibit (open until September 4, 2011)!


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