Studio visit: The Grumpy Goat Gallery

Conception Bay
The view of Conception Bay, on the beach across the street from The Grumpy Goat Studio.

John, Katherine, Rowan and I decided to take advantage of the great weather yesterday. We threw assorted stuff into the car and scurried out around the bay to geocache, visit a studio and generally explore. Upper Island Cove is one of those places that we’ve always meant to visit, but never stopped at.

Photo Credit: Pam and Cara
They are swarming! Photo Credit: Pam and Cara

Katherine’s job was to spot the studio. She’s familiar with Pam and Cara’s gallery work and was utterly enchanted by the recent starfish invasion:

Devon House, under attack!
The starfish are strongly attracted to Newfoundland Craft. Photo credit: Jennifer Barnable

So we drove and missed a turn-off (but found two geocaches) and drove some more and then realised that we actually had no idea of where they lived! Then Katherine shouted “STOP!!”

We were right in front of the studio!

Pam & Cara's House & The Grumpy Goat Gallery
Pam & Cara's House (Crabby Cat Cottage) & The Grumpy Goat Gallery

The gallery is lovely; fresh, clean and colourful. It is also full of enchanting things. Every which way you turn there is something to look at…

Studio Snap 3
Studio Snap 2
A corner of the gallery

…and there are people and creatures watching you!!

Someone was watching me
Detail from "Dorman Dorey Rides Again"

The price range is extensive, which was great because I was determined to come home with something! It was a fabulous visit with some truly wonderful people!

There was a goat, but she was not grumpy:

Rose in her new house
Rose in her palace, created by Pam, complete with artwork by Cara. Lucky goat.

Well, maybe a little shy..

Ignoring you
I want to go into my house. You do not have raisins.

Katherine played with two of the cats, Blanche and Stanley, next to Rose’s amazing cottage. (Rose even has a deck! And lawn chairs!)

Katherine and two of the kitties
Katherine and two of the kitties

Other residents and clients of the Misty Meadows cat hotel and spa wandered in and out of the conversations.

Cat hotel and spa
Cat hotel and spa

The Wee Italian chased bugs next to a pretty cool chair:

Sit 'er down
Cats everywhere!

If you’re in the area, drop by for a visit! Their studio guide listing is here, complete with info regarding prices, payment methods and full contact info and mailing address!

For those travelling with a GPS, they are at:

N47 38.804    W53 12.309

or, in decimal degrees:

47.64673      -53.205156


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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    Found your blog via a link on Pam and Cara’s Grumpy Goat blog. Love your photos and your easy style. Will be back!

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