Granville Island

Today, Tamar (sister), Adam (brother-in-law) and I headed down to Granville Island for a wander and see. I quite surprised at the crowds on a Sunday morning! Granville Island did not disappoint! Flat Katherine spotted a pretty cool mechanised model to do with cement-making right away:

The we found a totem pole maker’s shop. It was, unfortunately, closed, but we still managed to grab a few pictures (Hey, real Katherine! You can read about totem poles here!):

Toem pole, in progress

Totem carver's workshop

Flat K with totem salmon


Totem poles

Then we meandered past a dragon sign:

Flat K and the dragon

And found a gelato store which sucked us in and fed us:

Flat K likes gelato

As we wandered through the various shops, I experienced a sort of sensory overload and was stunned by the sheer volume and variety of stuff. Luckily I snaped out of my stupour just in time to spot Maiwa Handprints, a marvellous dye and fibre shop. I’ve ordered from them before, but it was a real thrill to be able to just go on in and see the full array of supplies; they have everything from dyes to paints to fibres to needles and more or less anything else a fibre artist could ask for:

Maiwa silks

One of the three or four shelves of natural dyes

Pattern blocks

Batik patterns

We also made our way into a hammock store, where Flat K and I stopped for a rest:

Flat K and I in the hammock store

Flat K went positively giddy in the kite store. The really nice salesclerk was more than happy to hold her up while I snapped a picture:

Flat K visits the kite store

The Kids’ Place has a massive Jack and the Beanstalk installation:

Flat K meets Jack and the Beanstalk

Then we went to the shop of the Craft Council of BC and they were kind enough to allow me to snap a few photos:

BC Craft Shop

The multi-tiered shelving unit is great for displaying a really ecclectic assortment of stuff. Of the many hundreds of members in the craft council, only about 125 sell through the CCBC’s shop. All works are juried carefully for quality and it was a real treat to see such a fine calibre of work.

BC Craft Shop

This is the doorknow of the Craft Council’s shop:


After that we wandered back to the market for lunch. On the way, Flat K spotted a doughnut maker hard at work:


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