It’s raining, it’s pouring….

Yeah, it’s Vancouver. What were you expecting?

A woman with a bright green umbrella walked down the trail

Today Flat Katherine and I went to Pacific Spirit Park, also known as the UBC Endowment Lands. It’s a massively huge area, of which we covered only two-thirds today. We found a bunch of geocaches and saw lots of people walking their dogs. We met seven border collies today and I was granted face woofles by three (I must be special).

We also met a father and son (Karl and Tristan) while we were working on a geocache. The son was about the same age as 3-D Katherine, so I explained geocaching to them (since they wondered what I was up to) and the son happily took the GPS and made his way to the next two caches. We had a great time and the father is hooked! Resistance is futile….

Here are Karl, Tristan and I working on an Earth Cache. (It’s an appalling photo, as I have many layers on and pockets full of gear):

Flat Katherine was grumpy about the rain. While she is laminated, and therefore waterproof, the camera is not and she would very much have like to have been in more photos.

In other news, the baby is doing great! He is eating and sleeping like a pro and processing food at a completely normal rate. For those who are here ony for baby photos, here is some instant gratification:

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4

Connor, Day 4


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