A cryptex and a canyon

flat k with cryptex case

When I decided to make the trip to BC for Connor’s birth, I also earmarked a few special geocaches that I wanted to visit. Some were in scenic locations, some were on gorgeous trails and others were just plain cool hides. Today’s principal find was one of the last sort. While in a pretty nice spot, the cache build-up and hide themselves were what made Gold Star – Graduation Day “Foundations” a real achievement. To find this cache, I had to solve eleven mind-twisting puzzles, find the ten caches that those puzzles led to, gather the clues from those ten caches and solve another set of puzzles which gave me the coordinates for cache #11 and also gave me the combination for the cryptex.

Yes, this grand finale cache was a cryptex. A really big one.

Tamar, Connor, Flat Katherine and I located it today off a trail in Burnaby. It was terribly exciting. Not to give any clues away, but the cache looked like this (the combination shown is not the real one):

Cryptex Final!

It opened and I cheered!

Then Tamar, Connor, Flat K and I went for pizza and headed to Lynn Canyon. There is a suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon and another at Capilano. We opted for Lynn because it was free (it seemed silly to pay full-price for something, not knowing how long Connor would tolerate the trip) and because it was less hyped than Capilano.

lynn canyon plaque

Lynn River

cataracts at lynn canyon

It didn’t disappoint! At Lynn Canyon, while you aren’t technically supposed to jump on the bridge or encourage it to move, no one really minded if you did a little test-wobble (or even an all-out bounce).

Tamar and Connor took Flat K out on the bridge and she really enjoyed it. Connor slept.

tamar connor and flat k

tamar and connor at lynn

Then Flat K told me that she wanted to look over the edge of the bridge. I took her out and held her by her toe over the canyon. She liked it at first, but wanted to come back in pretty quick. We didn’t dangle Connor for fear of upsetting the tourists.

me dangling flat k off lynn bridge

me and flat k at lynn canyon

There were tiny little mushrooms here and there:

flat k with tiny mushrooms

Cable of suspension bridge

The whole bridge is held up with great big cables and sways a lot when you walk on it. The footing is a little slippery, but there are fences to keep you from plummeting to your death.

It’s a beautiful place. I only wished I had more time to explore it…

sun at lynn canyon


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  1. Kayla says:

    Amazing views, and an amazing cache! Love following your blog adventure with Flat K in BC!

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