In with the new….

New Year's Eve
A boil up at Quartz Video Cache on New Year’s Eve!

New Year's Eve

Yesterday John, Katherine and I started what we hope will be a New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve tradition, a hike and a boil-up with a geocache and a view.

We have had woodsy boil-ups before (of course) and geocaches on New Year’s Eve (a given, really) and regular hikes over the holidays, but we had so much fun hiking to the top of a hill and having plain old chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate as a way of celebrating the end of a year, that we are determined to do it again and again.

We’re not people for resolutions, but this next year looks promising and we have plans for our lives on many fronts (one of the least of which is increasing the frequency of these blog posts!).  Stay tuned!

And for those of you who are wondering where Flat Katherine is now….. wait and see! I promise an update soon.


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