The Tucker Premises

Tucker Premises by VickyTH
Tucker Premises, a photo by VickyTH on Flickr.

The saga of The Tucker Premises in Quidi Vidi Village is an interesting story, particularly for craftspeople and artisans in this province.

Originally a fishing premises, the building fell into disrepair and there was a great deal of speculation and discussion over what should best be done with them. Finally, after a great deal of negotiation and wrangling, it was agreed that the 4600 square foot premises would be reconfigured and refurbished to house studios for emerging craftspeople, complete with a staff-person who would provide business-related mentoring and would also see to day-to-day administration. This actually ended up meaning “entirely rebuilt” as the original structure was in very rough shape.

The premises are near completion now, A bridge has been built, linking the studios on one side of the gut to the East Coast Trail on the other. The location is idyllic and the spaces are new, clean and bright.

I’m really looking forward to going in for a gawk and am thrilled to pieces that this scenic location will have the added visitor attraction of studio spaces. If you’re looking for more information on the funding for the project, have a look here. Additional info on the overview of the plans for Quidi Vidi village (and they are extensive) can be found here (in .pdf format). Note that the plans are a few years old, so things have changed a dram or two. In these plans, “The Tucker Premises” is called the “Tucker General Store”.

Quidi Vidi Village
Quidi Vidi Village

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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    I love it down in the village and this was certainly a photo-perfect day. Please post about the Tucker Premises once it’s open.

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