Lazy Saturday

Of course, just the title of this post alone should guarantee that today will spin utterly out of control and become the usual frenzied weekend of ambitious over-accomplishment, punctuated by dashes of frustration, and overlaid with a haze of exhaustion.

The snow has suddenly melted (This is Newfoundland. That happens.) which means that running is easier (watch out for black ice, though!) but skiing and snow-shoeing are manifestly more difficult.

For now, I leave you with a few photos I took in the snow the other day while I go and enjoy a (third) cup of coffee.

Location:  The General Protestant Cemetery, St. John’s, Newfoundland

The trickiest part of  taking these photos was in approaching areas that looked photogenic without disturbing the snow. No one had walked through at the point at which I arrived, so the whole area was untrammelled (Rowan-pup did her level best to fix this).

I think this first picture was my favourite shot of this area on this day. I was standing there and a gust of wind whipped up and whirled the snow around, carrying it down this path that I (fortuitously) had not walked along. The effect was of a tunnel heading into the light.

A walk
(Focal length 56mm, Shutter: 1/2000, Aperture: f4.5)

There were multiple angels in the cemetery, as you would probably suppose. Some looked better with snow-clothes than others. This one turned out the best. I’ll have to head back and revisit the others under different conditions.

Stone Angel
Stone Angel (Focal length 35mm, Shutter: 1/350, Aperture: f8)

Occasionally a photo that you take purely for record-keeping purposes turns out better than expected. This one surprised and pleased me. It’s the headstone of Annie Louise Taylor, wife of John C Taylor (he’s on the other side) and great-grandmother of my husband (né John C R. Taylor).

I really like the sharpness and lighting of this shot. It was fortuitous that the lettering on the stone has such good contrast.

Annie Louise
(Focal length 62mm, Shutter: 1/2000, Aperture: f4.5)

And for those who wonder what I’m up to, craft-work-wise, I give you this:

BFL and Falkland wool. Dyed by me and currently being spun for a particular project
The various shades and hues of a Jacob Fleece, part of a spinning and knitting endeavour that I'm working on inspired by the Operation Homespun book.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Your photo and title captured my attention. As I have my morning coffee on a ‘lazy Saturday’ which will all too soon, turn into just the opposite. 3 sleeping children will soon awake, some errands and northern flurries all step it up a notch for me today. I was so excited to see that your post had MORE beautiful photos which I had not expected to see! They were all very amazing. You say you dyed this wool yourself! This is something that I have just recently been introduced to in a book I read by Barbara Delinsky’s- ‘Not My Daughter’. The three mothers are in the wool business and dying and knitting were part of their skill and business every day. What a wonderful craft I have learned to appreciate. Thank you so much for sharing your post and photos! Have a lovely Saturday!

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