It’s Wednesday.

It’s Wednesday.

There is no sunshine. We are experiencing that peculiarly Newfoundland phenomenon known as “freezing fog”. This leaves a sheet of ice all over everything, making expeditions like refilling the bird feeder or putting out the garbage more acrobatic tasks than they ought to be.

It is a perfect day for being inside with a hot cup of coffee and a pile of fibre.

Curiosity got the better of me earlier, though, and I ventured briefly out into the greenhouse. It’s pretty bleak out there at present. Spotted these grapes, left there after the summer. I always leave a few bunches for the mice. Yes, there are mice in my greenhouse. In my compost bins, too. They really don’t bother me. Oddly enough, they haven’t bothered the grapes yet, either…..

Lingering Chardonnay grapes.

I rather liked this photo. The grapes and leaves really are this colour and the textures were just lovely.


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