Warm woolies

Yesterday I finished turning this:

BFL & Falkland, dyed and spun by me to a chunky, lumpy-bumpy aran-weight-ish. I wasn't being particular.

Into these:

Handspun Hat & Mitts, sized small. John is modelling them, but they were made for my sister, Tamar, who recently returned from Vancouver, BC where hats and mittens are not generally required in quite the same way as they are here.


The mittens are loosely based on the basic mitten pattern in Operation Homespun, with modifications to fit a smaller woman’s hand (but a hand not small enough to be a child’s hand – it’s a fine balance). I’m not thrilled with the pattern. I think I’ll have a go at tweaking it so that the hand at the base of the thumb area is a little tighter.


The mittens are deliberately mismatched, just for whimsy (and so you can tell which is right and which is left).

Again, the pattern for the hat was modified. I wasn’t looking for something as tight-fitting as the original pattern, so I tweaked it here and there.

The hat is largely based on "The Hill Country Hat" from Clara Parkes, "The Knitter's Book of Wool"


They turned out rather nicely. It’s always fun to see something colourful finished that started life as raw, white, wool.



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  1. What a fabulous yarn! The hat and mittens are lovely, but I LOVE the yarn.

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