Red House Soups

I should have written this post some time ago, but I simply never thought to.

Then the doorbell rang, the soup arrived and a something clicked in my mind (and if you know my mind at all, you’ll understand that things clicking on a Wednesday are painfully rare).

Allow me to introduce you to Red House Soups. This is a small business with a licensed kitchen that operates out of Flatrock, Newfoundland (that’s Canada, for those of you who follow me from abroad) and makes incredible homemade soup.

On Wednesdays, when I’ve ordered, soup comes to our house and makes my life just a smidgen easier for a day or two. I could make the soup myself (and sometimes do), but there are times when it’s just plain nice to have someone else cook for you and to have good, wholesome food magically appear. Even if I’m not home, I leave a cooler on the doorstep and the soup is there when I return.

This is my lunch for today:

Lamb Tagine. Beans, potatoes, lamb, olives, lentils, chickpeas and more.

The soup is made with real ingredients and is always VERY good.

Some varieties are vegetarian, some aren’t. Some have dairy, some don’t. There’s always a good selection.

It comes in one-litre bottles like these (each bottle is three or four generous servings – the soup is very filling):

Soup of the Week: Lamb Tagine and Turnip, Apple, Brie.

They also deliver it to your home or work (if you’re in their delivery radius) or you can pick it up from them in Flatrock.

It comes in those bottles and when your order arrives, you simply return the bottles from previous orders. You can pay with cash or cheque and they’re also set up to invoice via Paypal (make sure to tick the box when you order), which means you can pay with a credit card, too.

Every week they have a different menu. You place an order (and some things really sell out fast!!) and the order is filled the following Wednesday or Thursday (see here for which day applies to which situation and here for information about ordering). We have tried many of their soups and have always been more than thrilled with them all. I frequently freeze a bottle in smaller portions for lunches.

Here’s a list of soups and stews they’ve had in the past. The ones that sell well generally show up fairly frequently (the turnip-apple-brie of this week fits that category – it’s amazing!).

As happy coincidence would have it, next week’s soup day is Katherine’s birthday and they happen to be making her favourite, Mulligatawny!


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  1. Hana says:

    The soup looks good! And it is interesting the soups can be delivered. Color-wise, it looks a pumpkin soup, which is my favorite.

    No wonder your beautiful photos show snow. Canada! Have a good day.

  2. I like the bottles and that soup looks very hearty!

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