A traveller

Yesterday, a box appeared in our mail.

It was from Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada).

It was very lightweight.

It said, “Open Me!”

When a package squeaks, I find it best to oblige.

Waiting to see what comes out

So we slit the seems on the top, laid it on the grass and watched.

Where am I?

A small, red and gold dragon emerged slowly.

It’s chillier here than in BC.

At first he seemed confused and a little disoriented. After all, he comes from a place where the ocean is on the other side of the land; our ocean is east, but his was west.

In the rock garden.

A stroll around the garden seemed to restore his spirits, though.

Night-scented stocks.

He has a particular fondness for scented flowers…

Northern lights azalea. Spicy-smelling.


I offered to take him to the beach to see the capelin, but he was pretty tired after such a long journey. Instead, he found a little girl and wheedled him way into her arms for the night.

“Nimbus,” she tells me his name is.

Home. It was difficult to get a picture of him asleep, since he’s under Katherine’s head.

And he is most welcome here!

*Nimbus came from the address of Crystal Mandryk, although there was nothing in the box to tell me who made him and there are a few knitters in that family. My bets are on Crystal, but I could be off. He has a particularly long neck and looks like he’d be a good swimmer. He is fitting in beautifully here and apparently does not breathe fire. Of course, I have yet to find out if he’s a particularly truthful dragon or if he is at all prone to fibs. In any event, I have the fire extinguisher handy.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. mjspringett says:

    coool story, thank goodness i didn’t have to wait very long to have the mystery solved, and a great tour of your flowers,thanks MJ

  2. Crys says:

    Oh Dragon Whisperer! Nary a word did he say to me, and though I checked, the nether regions revealed nothing either. Now he has gender, name and home; I’m glad!

  3. You made my morning! Lovely photo story 🙂

  4. craftsbythesea says:

    What a great plushie and story

  5. jennyj says:

    Loved this post! Chuckled many times 🙂

  6. hannifrieda says:

    That is absolutely adorable 🙂

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