Project finished: owl sweater for Miss K

Miss K's new sweater

Today I finished my holiday knitting project. I used to bring socks on vacation, they being portable and always in demand. Lately, though, I’ve found sweaters to be more satisfying. I can knock one off in a few weeks easily, around other things, and somehow they seem momentous enough for a summer project.


This was Katherine’s fall sweater, “Owls” by Kate Davis, knit in Cascade Soft Spun. It was a lovely project, exactly right for this trip. I brought along some antique buttons for eyes and Katherine was thrilled. It’s large enough that it should fit her for a year or so. I hope.


Knit with 5 and 5.5mm needles in size 6, which yields a loose sweater for a slim 9 year old.


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  1. Brad Stanton says:

    lovely photos, the background is so compelling. Nice sweater too and lovely child.

  2. mjspringett says:

    Great sweater, i love the eyes, your child is lovely too, MJ

  3. hannifrieda says:

    I love the hammock 🙂

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