Across the harbour


Since the bridge fell into disrepair and was subsequentially blown up (one of the great disappointments of my adulthood is not being there to see it blow), I don’t find myself on the other island all that often. It used to be possible to walk from our house to the lighthouse without setting foot in a boat.


Since the bridge’s demise, I’ve been over there far less. Generally once a year I row over and walk around to see how things have changed. Today we dodged rain showers and I managed a couple of shots of some of the older houses.


Like our island, things are changing. There are new houses going up and old ones have finally fallen (or are about to). Feeling nostalgic, I shot in monochrome with an orange filter today.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mjspringett says:

    great black and white, i love orange and red filters, MJ

  2. Wow. Awesome… they speak …

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