Life has been frantic to the point of chaos this fall, but it’s looking like I may be able to simplify a little and get some semi-regular blog posts and photography accomplished. I picked up an iPhone 5 and am finding that the camera is adequate, but the interface is lovely.

Have to figure out a workaround for posting photos from Flickr, though. The Flickr app doesn’t have a share to WordPress option nor doe it allow me to export the HTML coding as a cut and paste into the WordPress app….


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  1. This shot is so beautiful!

    1. VickyTH says:

      Thanks! I’m still getting use to the iPhone. It’s nowhere near what my D7000 can achieve, but it has the virtue of being in my pocket.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Excited to be able to see/read your blog posts again!

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