Return of the blog

I’ve been reading and reviewing old blog entries from when Katherine was little lately and laughing, laughing, laughing at our family life. How did we ever stagger through those crazy toddler-filled years full of catastrophe? There was never enough time. There was less than no money. John was often working 60-70 hours per week and I was close to losing my mind while trying to keep the family and my sanity together.

It was a nuthouse. There were dogs everywhere. Nothing was ever clean. Reading back through now, I’m so glad I documented it because my memory of what it was like has faded in self-defense.

So I’m going to start writing again, here and there. The subject matter will vary wildly, but I want to be able to look back again on these years I’m in now.


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  1. So glad to see you back on the scene – I’ve missed your photos and wise observations. Hope you made it to Exploits again this summer.

  2. Richard W. Murphy, Silver Spring, MD, USA says:

    I have missed your interesting blogs and am delighted to see you back. We visited Newfoundland for the first time in August and had a memorable time in your land of rugged beauty.

    Dick Murphy
    Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

    1. Ditto! Your photos with such interesting angles are what drew me to your blog in the first place. And the dogs…

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