“Child,’ said the Lion, ‘I am telling you your story, not hers.

No one is told any story but their own.”

― C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy.

What I write about in this blog is my story, and I am careful (insofar as it is possible to be so when lives touch, overlap, and influence each other) not to write much about the lives, thoughts and stories of other people because I don’t own them and I don’t live them; they aren’t mine and I won’t attempt to expropriate them or make sense of them because that’s someone else’s job.

I spent a good deal of time thinking about that idea in recent months. All we see is through our own lenses and our truths are valid for us, but don’t necessarily reflect the realities of others; two people can experience the same event utterly differently. In conjunction with this, I have also been thinking about the “why” of this blog the other day and whether it serves a purpose to anyone but myself. My private journal entries continue and are written solely for me, but who are these blog posts for really? What purposes do they serve and does anyone benefit from my sharing of them?

I’m not so experienced as a lifter, coach, or even human as to have authoritative answers to things. The longer I walk this planet, the more I think I have possible angles rather than answers, that life is far more multifaceted than we want it to be sometimes, and it’s more that some things work for a person and some just don’t; there are continuous experiments and explorations some of which pan out as hoped and others of which yield unexpected results either positive or negative that suggest even more avenues of exploration.

So maybe that’s the answer there….

These are glimpses of problems, solutions and ideas I’ve found along my road and maybe some of them apply to people other than myself. And if a person can learn what to try (or not to try, through watching me stumble around and fall on my keister) through reading of my experiences, then perhaps that’s reason enough to put them out there


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  1. Linda Rousseau says:

    I think it is important to be open to the opinion and experiences of others to assist us in being a more compassionate and understanding. Others definitely impact me but I choose to absorb the positives and try to determine if I can assist those with more negativity in their life. Ultimately we must all take our own steps, but it is nice to have friends along the way.

  2. Dianner says:

    Hello Vickey,
    I have recently walked in another person’s life with them being their helper, supporter, confidant, their health issues extreme and feeling at times totally helpless. I can tell you that my strength and wisdom has come from Christ Jesus.

    But, Your blog is a blessing to me and many people in a lot of ways. You write about life and how it affects you and those experiences are much like many of ours. I hope you will continue to write because you make a difference in this world to a lot of people.

  3. Alice M. Close says:

    Hi Vicky,

    Thanks for all your posts, I love reading them as you are such a good writer. If you ever decide to write a book, it will be something that people will love to read. But all these posts I think, are part of a book of your life.

    I sent you a Christmas Card last year and it came back as undeliverable. Do you have a mailing address?

    Don’t go on Facebook very often anymore but enjoy your posts there also.

    Love, Alice

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