My Food Fixin’ Formula, or how I keep the family from starving

We eat a lot of food.   I’ve noticed that when I take the time to plan out meals, everything in our lives flows better. Mornings are magically possible because there are easy lunches to be grabbed. Tempers fray less when everyone is fed. I fret less about training because I know I’m well-fuelled (and…

Little Blue Men

Katherine wanders out into the kitchen at 7:10. John and I have been up since 5:50, but we let her sleep. K: I’m snoozy. And stretchy. And a lot hungry. Me: The eggs are in the pan over there. Help yourself! John: Those sound like Smurfs. Me: What? Eggs? John: No, Snoozy, Stretchy and Hungry….

More lighthouse pyramids

We managed three lighthouse pyramids on our Bonavista Peninsula trip this Labour Day weekend. I’ve added them to the Lighthouse Pyramids Page. In addition to the one above, they are:      

Raisin’ the roof

Finding someone willing and able to put a good roof on an old house in the middle of nowhere can be a real challenge. Fortunately, Exploits has several skilled contractors able to handle such jobs and we were lucky enough to convince Dirk Muir to give us a hand. With a new roof, new paint…

New Page: The Lighthouse Pyramids

Hello, my name is Vicky and I make Lighthouse Pyramids. Or more accurately, I orchestrate them and shoot the results. All families have traditions. Some of those traditions make sense only to the people in the family; viewed from outside, many traditions appear silly or plainly incomprehensible. These are, we feel, the very best sorts…