More lighthouse pyramids

King's Cove Light
King’s Cove Light, the first lighthouse in Newfoundland to be lit by a single kerosene lamp with a huge mirror that revolved under the power of its own heat. Very interesting information about it can be found here. I think this was the lighthouse whose situation or location I liked best.

We managed three lighthouse pyramids on our Bonavista Peninsula trip this Labour Day weekend. I’ve added them to the Lighthouse Pyramids Page. In addition to the one above, they are:

Trinity Lighthouse: Fort Point
Trinity Lighthouse: Fort Point. More information can be found here. It was far more interesting than I expected, as they’ve done up a nice pathway around the lighthouse showing the locations of old forts, buildings and archaeological sites pertaining to recent indians.

Bonavista Lighthouse
Bonavista Lighthouse. Very cool clockwork mechanism! The lighthouse itself is rather light Cape Spear, made much larger.





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  1. mjspringett says:

    I love lighthouses, thanks for sharing MJ

  2. Sartenada says:

    Your photos are so wonderful. Thank You.

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