English Harbour Arts Centre


English Harbour Arts Centre
English Harbour Arts Centre interior.

One of the nifty places that we explored during the past weekend was the English Harbour Arts Centre. Set in (obviously) English Harbour, this centre is a church that has been converted to a gallery and public space.

When we walked through, it was in use as a gallery, but they also hold workshops, demonstrations, talks and even weddings in this space. It’s a beautiful use of a lovely building and we were really glad that we had stopped by.

This arts centre has its finger on the pulse of much that is happening elsewhere on the peninsula, particularly insofar as the arts and crafts community are concerned. They pointed us to a pinhole photography display in at The Ryan Premises in Bonavista, a couple of openings and shows (Janet Davis in Bonavista at Neil’s Yard and Cathy Driedzic in Two Whales in Port Rexton, for instance) and were able to give us information about upcoming workshops in the area. Very useful stuff, especially if you’re intrigued by creativity.

As a side note, I highly recommend both Two Whales and Neil’s Yard. Both have excellent coffee, stellar food and spectactular folks providing service. Also, if you go to Two Whales, try the lemonade.

English Harbour Arts Centre, exterior
English Harbour Arts Centre, exterior. The pile of rocks in the foreground emulates the shape up an upside-down skiff or rodney hull.

The exterior is as engaging as the inside, as they’ve made sculptures of a whalebone, ship hull and other stoneworks from rocks and sod.

So swing off the main road and visit, if you’re in the area. It’s well worth a look.



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  1. mjspringett says:

    I love the rock skiff, very ingenious, thanks MJ

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