Little Blue Men

Katherine wanders out into the kitchen at 7:10. John and I have been up since 5:50, but we let her sleep.

K: I’m snoozy. And stretchy. And a lot hungry.
Me: The eggs are in the pan over there. Help yourself!
John: Those sound like Smurfs.
Me: What? Eggs?
John: No, Snoozy, Stretchy and Hungry.
K: Was Hungry actually a Smurf?
Me: I *think* so, but it has been some time since I dealt in Smurfs.
John: I’m sure Wikipedia has an entry listing all the Smurfs.
Me: Of course. That sort of thing…. Smurf listing*…. is exactly why Wikipedia exists at all.
John: Smurfs listing…. I suppose they’d list to port.
Me: Or wine. Although Smurfs *do* seem more portly.
John: This is where you usually say something about there being two other people out there in the world who have been saved long-term insanity by us marrying each other.
Me: After this conversation, I think they should go and buy lottery tickets TODAY.

*Incidently, Snoozy, Stretchy & Hungry are not Smurf characters.


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