John: We’re heading to the office now. Going to print off Katherine’s project and glue it to the project board. Me: Okay. I’m going to tidy up and do some cooking. John: Sounds good. Oh! I turned the dishwasher on and it made a weird noise, so I turned it back off again. Me: Right….

A Hard Day’s Night

We’re driving home. “Other Side” comes on the radio. Me: I need to put more Aerosmith on my ipod. John: And that’s Thing #482 of “Things You Don’t Expect Your Wife To Say She Wants To Do” List. Me: We’ve been together for almost 20 years. How do you NOT know this about me? And…

The trouble with…. zombies?

Our peaceful and pleasant Sunday afternoon walk through the woods and autumn foliage sparked the following conversation: Katherine: Hey Mom, remember that ad on the radio about the zombie thing? How they gave you a map and let you run through the woods at night being chased by zombies? Doesn’t that sound AWESOME? Me: Uh,…

Scents and Sensibility

Saturday morning trip to the supermarket, culminating in a stop at the deodorant wall. (Previous forays into shampoo noted here and here.) Me: There are too many. I am not “Wild Freesia”. John: You could be “Summer Citrus”. Me: Nah. “Fruity Melon” is right out. John: Here’s you! “Radiantly Fresh”. Me: I’m “Radiantly Fresh”? Have…

Little Blue Men

Katherine wanders out into the kitchen at 7:10. John and I have been up since 5:50, but we let her sleep. K: I’m snoozy. And stretchy. And a lot hungry. Me: The eggs are in the pan over there. Help yourself! John: Those sound like Smurfs. Me: What? Eggs? John: No, Snoozy, Stretchy and Hungry….