A Hard Day’s Night

We’re driving home. “Other Side” comes on the radio.

Me: I need to put more Aerosmith on my ipod.

John: And that’s Thing #482 of “Things You Don’t Expect Your Wife To Say She Wants To Do” List.

Me: We’ve been together for almost 20 years. How do you NOT know this about me? And there’s a list? What’s #1?

John: There’s a list. And I did NOT know that about you.

Me: What happens if I say “Guns n Roses”? And what’s #1?

John: I cringe, visibly. Guns n Roses? And #1 can’t be discussed with kids around. Show you later.

Me: Fair enough. What else is on that list? What’s #481?

John: Guns n Roses? #481 also is not kid-friendly. We’ll save it for tomorrow; I’ll be useless after #1.

Me: You do know about Bon Jovi, right? I’ve been running with Bon Jovi for years.

John: Yes, I know about that one.

Me: What happens if I say Nirvana or Soundgarden?

John: I push you out of the car.

Me: I’m driving.

John: Only slightly problematic.

Me: Is there a middle ground here? Somewhere between me and my Soundgarden and you and your Men Without Hats & Wham?

John: Maybe the Beatles? Or Stan Rogers.

Me: Push me out of the car.


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  1. Sara says:

    I’m all Guns ‘n’ Roses and my husband is all Stan Rogers. Scary…. And pushing you out of the car being only slightly problematic? Hilarious!

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