Dawn and before….

I have generally always been a morning person. I actually like mornings, I like the feeling of bouncing into the day and accomplishing much before lunch, I enjoy the feel of morning air and the smell of the garden in the morning. There have been times when I’ve tricked my inner clock into feeling energetic at night, mainly when approaching deadlines or recently, when working around Katherine. I’ve even been able to convince myself to push through those horrible hours from 1 to 3:30, when I’m virtually incapable of thinking of anything but sleep.

I cannot, however, do mornings that start before the light does. I don’t wake up in the dark. I may get up and fumble through some sort of autopiloted routine involving coffee, diapers and making a lunch, but I’m not awake. Normally I don’t start thinking these thoughts until Thanksgiving, or thereabouts.

Last night, though, we drove Nanny Gibbons to the Patey house (where the excellent food and company combined nicely for a great evening) and she commented on the days getting shorter and how she hates November (can’t blame her, but it’s still September). I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, just like I shouldn’t let her worrying about John driving home in the dark increase my worry, but it does.

To boot, I read a news story before bed on how heating costs are going to cause many people to spiral downwards into a abyss of debt and misery and couldn’t help but feel like the writer was pointing at us. I know they weren’t and that things will be just fine, especially since we’re careful and planning for it, but still….

None of this would have been an issue, I think, if we were getting enough sleep. We never do. No matter what we try, we always seem to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Or at least, one of us does and the other wakes, too. We even went to bed early on Friday night in the hopes of starting to catch up on sleep, but woke at four a.m.

So I’m feeling rather dull lately because so many things seem to be focussing on the arrival of winter (there are Christmas things in stores now! arg!) and I’m not ready to concede to autumn’s passing yet. I’m not really a winter person.

I must try to avoid dismal evening conversations with John’s grandmother. She doesn’t mean to, but she can make a person feel rather gloomy about life.

I’m going to attempt to focus on Christmas, when I must admit to winter, and then refocus on something else. Need a winter project (a cheap one!)…..

Work’s going well. Got prototypes of the ornaments done and have worked through a few kinks. They look great and I’m hoping to get some pictures taken soon.

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  1. ECarr says:

    I am not a Winter person either.
    Love your blog,found it from your photos on Flickr.
    Would love to have your pics of New Brunwick at http://www.flickr.com/groups/new_brunswick/
    You are welcome to join if you wish.
    Eric Carr

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