Three more days…

… in which to get everything done.

Things left to do are:

  • finish the dollhouse (needs exterior trim and a little finishing here and there. Nothing major. If I get time, I’ll make the curtains.)
  • paint a few pieces of dollhouse furniture.
  • wrap one present and three stocking stuffers
  • buy one chocolate orange and wrap it.
  • plan food and get groceries for Boxing Day with the Pateys
  • hem dress pants
  • tidy upstairs and wipe down bathroom and kitchen
  • put paint on one last little present
  • recharge camera batteries and dump memory card
  • lay out clean clothes for various people for various occasions
  • wrap up presents for folks at John’s office

I should be able to kick the hell out of this list by the end of the day, leaving tomorrow and Saturday EMPTY!

And my cold is getting better too. Will wonders never cease.


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  1. ARGH, chocolate oranges! and I thought I was finished!

  2. vickyth says:

    They’re less than $4 at Walmart. Let me know if I should get more than one…..

  3. (Grin… You think they’d go astray?) Maybe Bob will get some today with the groceries. The times when a cell phone would be useful do arise now and then. I just hope he picks me up at lunchtime to get my glasses as he is supposed to. I left him a voicemail AND called his father to remind him when he picked up the car, but still…

    The kids’ presents are wrapped and the stocking stuff is divided and de-pricetagged. The tree is nearly done. Baking is done, despite Bob’s protests that it isn’t enough. The fridge is clean. We have adult presents left to wrap, and much tidying and laundry-folding to do before the junk instigates gravitational collapse. Thanks for offer of help re: package pick-up – wouldn’t mind needing it, usually a nuisance, if it actually arrives. We are not doing too bad, I think.

  4. Crisis averted, Bob has chocolate oranges.

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