In the car, driving….

After proclaiming that he needed to get a shower last night, the following dialogue ensued:

Me: You should try the new shampoo I got. It’s fabulous stuff…. the purple bottle. Smells nice.

John: Purple shampoo? What makes it so good?

Me: Seems to clean well, smells nice and, well, it’s purple.
(pause) Odd to pick a shampoo based on colour, but there it is.

John: You might as well pick that as any other reason.

Me: True. I mean, you narrow it down to about three or four different bottles that are basically all the same and then comes the choice. Orange or purple? There’s just no contest. Purple wins, hands down. I mean, the thought of srubbing purple into your scalp isn’t as repulsive as scrubbing orange, right?

John: (obviously thinking his wife has completely lost it) Sure. You might as well pick it for that as any other reason. I like purple…. Besides, at least purple has a chance of improving your sex life. Not much hope for orange.

Me: (reading the overtones of his comment) So you’re saying that you prefer purple?

John: mmm.

Me: Glad I didn’t buy orange…


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